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Complete toolset to support your business through crypto payments

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Expand your
Easily add more payment methods and grow into new markets with local acquiring.
Connect online
and offline
Create superior customer experiences using cross-channel insights.
Uncover areas
for growth
Gain a deeper understanding of your business with all your global payment data in one place.

Fast set up

2 steps to integrate

First, create a container to house the card elements.

In this case, I have created 'c-cards-list' and 'w-cards-list'. 'c' represent container and 'w' represent wrapper. This is my standard structuring method to prepare the elements for complicated interactions just in case.

Similarly, create 'c-card' and 'w-card' inside the container. Style the 'w-card' element according to your preference and then add in required content.

No third parties

Get payments directly to your wallet

To create a stacking effect, you will required to use the 'position: sticky'.

Apply 'position: sticky' to 'c-card' element and apply at least 1px for the top position.

By now, you should be able to see the cards stacking on top of each other while you scroll down the page.

Sync with the market

Keep informed with excellent analytics and dashboards

Great. Now you have successfully stacking the cards on top of each other. To make them looks better, we will create some layering effect.

Create combo class for each of the 'c-card' element. For example, '1', '2', '3' and etc. Then add some value in the top position. For example, for first card, you can give it 20px from the top to make some spacing. Then for the following cards, you can add 100px each. You can adjust the value based on your design and layout.

Example: First card : 20px ; Second card : 120px ; Third card : 220px ; and so forth...

Automated reports
and law guides

Keep legal and avoid routine with auto reports and country taxation guides

Volatility Protection

Accept any currencies and swap to stable coins automatically.

To make the layering looks even much better, you can apply interaction into 'c-card' elements.

Apply 'While scrolling in view' interaction to 'c-card' elements and ensure it affects all same class. Set the smoothing value to 90%.

Insert 'Scale' interaction starts at keyframe 40% (scale value: 1) and end at 100% (scale value: 0.8). Set it to affect 'Interaction Trigger' (c-card).

Now you should be seeing the cards stacking on top of each other with nice layering and depth.

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Flexible invoicing and complete treasury management. Control your business through one dashboard
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Perfect for

Crypto Trading
Payment Service Provider
Payment Service Provider
Retail store

Perfect for

Crypto Trading
Payment Service Provider
Retail store
Payment Service Provider
Simple Fees.
No hidden payments
Secure Payments
Keep legal and avoid routine with auto reports and country taxation guides
Track your business  
Advanced analytics to track your digital cash flows
Spend your earnings
Get visa card and spend your crypto for a daily expenses

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Loyalty system
Reward your customers with the tokens they can spend at your business.
Tunable fees
Get your part by tuning the processing fee.
Get your part by tuning
Custom strategies
Financial management
Earn with custom strategies
Have customized financial management strategies.
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